Why You Need an Everything Page

Do you have a website that is underperforming? I mean it looks great, but does it generate revenue? Does it get you leads? 

We’ve designed the super fancy animated crazy websites that look amazing. For a few businesses, this works but most businesses can’t spend thousands of dollars on a website. They need leads not just notoriety. We designed a simple three-page website for a client a few years back and noticed it started to convert much better than the complex 20-page projects.

That is when we started to experiment with super simple one-page sites. We designed them to be mobile-first, and made them easy to customize. The results… the results were crazy. The conversion rates were 10% higher than the big huge impressive sites we have made in the past. That is when we decided to create the Everything Page

If you use social media to sell your products or services and you don’t have an Everything Page you’re missing out on capturing the leads that can change your business. An Everything Page is what you need to elevate your business. 

It’s a one-page customizable Lead Generating Machine. You can add your pictures, a video, testimonials, one link, and most importantly a call to action. Everything Page was created with a marketing fist approach to benefit you and your business without sacrificing design. It’s Everything you need to set yourself up for success.