Tips for your everything page

If you want an Everything Page but you are quite sure what goes where and what to write this will probably help. 

First thing to think about is, where is your prospect coming from? Most like it’s from a click from a social media page. So most likely they already know something about you. This is Important because if you keep that in mind it will help you keep things simple, short and to the point.

Section One

This is the most important part of your everything page.

The first thing a lead will see is an image. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words. On your website a picture can get you a client or lose you a client. 

If you’re a personal brand the best picture you have of you doing your thing should go here. If you’re a real estate agent or selling a product you may want to add the best picture of the best house you ever sold or an amazing product picture if you don’t want a picture of yourself. 

The first Text Box is the next thing you see. This is where your elevator pitch mission statement goes. In the first ten seconds someone visits your everything page they should know why they are there and what you do. 


The video can be key as well. Keep it short. An exercise I like when making videos goes something like..

  • Funny comment –  show your human and relatable
  • This is who I am.
  • This is what I do.
  • This is why I do it.
  • This is why you should do it. 
  • This is what I want you to do next. – in this case fill out the form.
Play Video

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Section Two

Call to Actions are when you get someone to do something you want them to do. In this case it’s to get them to make contact. We find in marketing circles if you can add some sense of urgency it will convert better.

I.e. My team is filling up, I can only take so many clients, The Market is hot right now, These don’t stay in stock for too long.

Section Three

The Value add is where you talk about how cool your services or products are and why a lead would be silly not to use them or buy them.

A nice picture can work well here.

Section Four

Get a picture of you being a team player or a great picture of you or someone using your product. Then the testimonials. Three are recommended. It’s a great way to give social proof. 

Section Five 

If you have a product you want to show off, use the one that brings in the most clients, add it here. This  is the spot to add one last picture and a button with a link to that product goes here. Make sure you use your affiliate link here.

Also, the last button will pop a lead back up to the sign up form. This Functionality doesn’t show in the pop-up templates.