Marie Kondo Your Business

Does it Spark Joy? In case you missed it, there was a TV show starring Marie Kondo, professional organizer about minimizing your life. It was a viral hit. The super abbreviated point of the show was if it didn’t “spark joy”, get rid of it. You’ll find you live a happier, more organized life. I love the idea of simplifying to maximize.

How do we do this in business? One way is to simplify and use tools that work. Less is more. One essential tool in just about every business is a website. What is the website’s goal?

Let’s think about this? Most of us are selling our services, or a product looking for leads. Leads and sales are the bloodline for every business. In the digital world it takes two steps to make this happen. Traffic and Conversions, that’s it. Create Traffic to a website and then get conversion.

It sounds simple but for so many of us we over complicate this. We send out mixed messages that confuse our customers. And when we do get people to click on our post or ads, we send them to over bloated websites that take too many clicks to get to what they are looking for.

I have a solution! Marie Kondo your website. Get an Everything Page. Spark Joy in your clients lives with a super simple high converting one-page website that they will love. 

Think about how most people interact with your website, most sites are designed completely wrong. Most people come to a web page via a link on social media, PPC campaigns or digital platforms. They are usually on a phone and an average time spent on a website is 35 seconds. 

Based on those facts we created an Everything Page.It is a one-page, web page that is designed to be mobile first and it scrolls like Instagram or Twitter. Our templates allow you to add a photo, a message, a video and a call to action all within the first 5 seconds of scrolling your site. We also used a marketer’s perspective instead of a designer’s perspective. That means we designed the Everything Page with one goal in mind. Convert More Leads. 

By following Marie Kondo’s advice we designed a web page just for you. A web page that does everything, a web page that will spark joy in your life by converting more leads.