Oh Yeah, well what does your website do?

Remember when you were a child in the playground? One of your friends or neighbors completely topped your idea and your response was: “Oh yeah, well I can do one better.” Depending on what you were doing that day, the better could have come in many forms. Maybe a bigger sandcastle, a new trick or just a full on brag. 

I’d like to think I’m a little more mature than I was when I played at sandbox but I recently had a conversion with a prospect, and they challenged me like that kid in the sandbox.

The prospect: “My website has cool animations, flashy colors and it even plays music.”

I replied:  “Oh yeah well my website gets me leads.” 

She was a little perplexed and added: “My website has 10 different pages.” 

Me: “Mine gets me leads.”

Frustrated, She went on: “I paid a pro designer 5k for my website?”

I found myself turning into that kid in the sandbox: “Oh Yeah well, I have a one-page website that gets me a ton of new leads that increase my businesses revenue and I paid $300. What does your website do?”


The point is, there are cool websites that have all sorts of cool features. I know I’ve made those too. You need a website that does more than look cool when you’re in business.


Take a look at the Everything Page and get a website that does something for your business.