How to Learn Everything


Tips and Trick to get the most out of your EVERYTHING PAGE

Don’t be Blockbuster

Why didn’t Blockbuster pivot earlier? At least try some new ideas? As a business owner at any scale, part of your responsibility is to keep an eye out for a competitive advantage, a new idea, an innovation or maybe a way to simplify a process. 

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Oh Yeah, well what does your website do?

The point is, there are cool websites that have all sorts of cool features. I know I’ve made those too. You need a website that does more than look cool when you’re in business.

Take a look at the Everything Page and get a website that does something for your business.

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I Made My Own Everything Page

If you have a Business you need a website… or do you. Everything Page is an alternative to expensive websites and annoying, time-consuming website builders. In fact, I made my own Everything Page and it only took about ten minutes.

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