Friends don’t let friends spend too much on a Web Page

The more efficient you can be in business the better off you are. That includes everything from the tools you use, to the money you spend, to systems you create. One of the tools every business needs in today’s digital world is a web page. 

You could argue, when you are in business for yourself,  that the two most important assets you have are time and capital or money. You can’t ever get back time once it’s gone, it’s gone. Money, well you can always make more and it may come and go but many have said it’s the bloodline of every business. Unless you are in the design business, you are either going to spend a ton of time or a ton of money on a web page. We just created the alternative to an expensive time consuming website. 

Here are the facts that led us to create the Everything Page - the only web page you'll ever need:

  • 70% of web traffic is coming from mobile
  • 55% of web traffic is referred by social media
  • 35 seconds is the average time spent on your website
  • the average *bounce rate is 68% – *Bounce rate is calculated by how many pages a visitor goes to on your site. Basically, this means 68% of the time a visitor stays on one page.
  • People best consume content that is written at a 5th grade level.

Take all of these factors into account and you realize the old way of making websites is exactly that …OLD. You don’t need the classic four-page website anymore.. Make all those pages come together as one. Unless you are in a supper niche market blogging and hoping your post will just show up on the first page of google is a tough slide. 

Here is what you should be doing instead. Get a simple easily scrollable one-page web page. Make sure it is designed to be beautiful on mobile and optimized for lead generation. Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand and don’t forget to ask for the sale, or the call to action. 

This simple format that we use in our copywriting and video scripts works:

  • introduce yourself – let them know who you are
  • tell your visitors what you do or sell 
  • add value – make sure they know why you’re the perfect choose
  • tell them what you want them to do next

If you’re look for a solution for an expensive website that isn’t getting you leads, we have the tool for you. It’s called the Everything Page and it’s perfect for any business that needs new clients and customers. It’s a simple one-page website that converts leads better than expensive over bloated websites. The best part is it is only $300.00.