If you grew up in the eighties and nineties there is a good chance you had a few Friday nights where you went to the local Blockbuster store and presented an argument to your friends and family which two movies to rent for the weekend. You’d get in line, maybe get candy or popcorn and your weekend was made. Seems so nostalgic.

Then one day Netflix came along. You could order DVD’s by mail. Kinda cool. Blockbuster didn’t even flinch. A few years later.. Netflix began streaming Movies. Ok, Blockbuster finally took notice, but by then it was too late. It was the beginning of the end. The Video version of Rome had fallen. 

Why didn’t Blockbuster pivot earlier? At least try some new ideas? As a business owner at any scale, part of your responsibility is to keep an eye out for a competitive advantage, a new idea, an innovation or maybe a way to simplify a process. 

In the website and digital marketing space there has been a transformation happening. There has been a switch from over bloated multi-page websites, too much simpler one-page websites with fewer calls to action. Analytic and Data geeks alike agree. Simple sales pages > bulky websites 10 days a week. 

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