Does Your Business Even Need a Website Anymore?

You used to need a website

It used to be that you need a website to start a business. Especially an online business. You needed to look established and you needed to be searchable. You needed a website. 

Do you need a Website in 2020?

It depends on what stage your business is in and what you are trying to accomplish. If you’re starting a business you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money making sure you have viable business. We laid out a roadmap of how you can start a business and what tools you need. 

The strategy that works best for a business that is starting out is start posting about a product or service on social media, talk about it on a podcast, or use influencers. Send them to a landing page or a minimal web page with minimal options, get them into a funnel and eventually they will buy. 

The new strategy costs much less and it allows you to tweak and learn how to talk about your product or services. You can track growth and interest with  engagement and most important sales. If one strategy doesn’t work move on to the next, if one message doesn’t work move on to the next, and if one demographic doesn’t work.. you got it, move on to the next. 

What you do need in 2020 and beyond

So really you need two assets to start a business in the beginning. You need some type of distribution or platform to market on, like social media and a landing page. You don’t need a website anymore. In fact the traditional websites just don’t convert. A landing page to sell your product or services will cost less and be more effective. 

Alternative to a website

Take an Everything Page, for instance. It only cost $300 (starting price) vs the average website build is close to $5,000.00. It is designed for you, by marketers, and finished with a designers touch. It makes your web page visitors want to schedule a call with you. It has enough customization to make you look amazing and with the right messaging and contact it can become a lead machine. It’s everything you need in an alternative to website 

Once you get past the first stages of getting your business off the ground you can always upgrade and start adding a marketing budget to help you scale out the business.