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It only takes minutes to customize your site and boom! Within 3 days you have your very own Everything Page.

Get started by choosing your template.


Designed By Marketers to maximize lead conversions. Finished by Designers make you look Amazing.


Most Web Traffic comes from Mobile Phones. Our mobile first design is perfect for Social selling.


There are SAS and web designers that may be able to imitate an Everything page, but you’ll be paying double.

Why an Everything Page works for you.

It’s a one-page customizable Lead Generating Machine. You can add your pictures, a video, testimonials, one link, and most importantly a call to action. Everything Page was created with a marketing first approach to benefit you and your business without sacrificing design. It’s Everything you need to set yourself up for success.

Avoid expensive fancy websites that don’t get you business leads get an Everything Page.

What You Get

Your own content

You can add you own pictures, copy and a video. Or you can use our default text, written by marketers and pro copywriters.

Dedicated Call to Action

Your own call to action where leads arrive right to your inbox


Let people know how great other people think you are. There is room for testimonials to help you sell your product or service.

Oh and by the way, an Everything Page looks amazing on a desktop as well.

How it Works

  • Choose a Template

    We have Templates made for a variety of industries and we are expanding constantly

  • Pay a Fee

    Don't worry you will not have to sell your soul an Everything Page is only $300

  • Choose your name

    You will get a custom link example: https://yourcoach.site/kimspiration

  • Fill out the form

    We have a simple multi-step form that allows you to add you text or use the default text. Here you can also add testimonials and link to a product. *Works great for affiliates

  • Add pictures and video

    We recommend 3-4 horizontal pictures and a link to a sales video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Receive your webpage

    Your webpage link will be delivered in 78 hours.

  • Enjoy

    You will enjoy a steady stream of sales